Paws and Passports: Unleashing the Joy of Pet-Inclusive Getaways!

  Starting on a holiday escapade is like diving into a sea of joy. However, the idea of leaving behind our precious furballs, feels almost heart-melting… Our pets, those bundles of love with wagging tails or purring affection, have snuggled their way into our hearts and families. From the loyal buddy who can’t wait to tag along to the kitty companion seeking cozy nooks, our pets are the cutest adventurers. What’s more enchanting than crafting magical memories with every member of our family, furry and oh-so-adorable included?

Traveling on vacation with your Beloved Pets!

Traveling on vacation with your Beloved Pets!

Is Lefkada suitable for pets?

Lefkada, with its azure waters and sun-kissed shores, extends its warm welcome not only to sun-seeking travelers but also to their four-legged companions. Nestled in the embrace of the Ionian Sea, the beaches of Lefkada have earned a reputation for being delightfully pet-friendly. Here, it’s not just a matter of hospitality but also a legal affirmation, as the island allows pets to frolic along its sandy stretches. Picture your furry friend basking in the Mediterranean sun, paws in the sand, as the waves rhythmically serenade the joyous harmony of pet-friendly paradise. In Lefkada, the law not only acknowledges but celebrates the bond between beach-loving humans and their beloved pets, ensuring that every seaside stroll becomes a shared adventure for both ends of the leash. There are also a lot of things that you can do and include your pet with you!

Traveling on vacation with your Beloved Pets!

Are there pet friendly accommodations?

Lefkada Island warmly welcomes furry friends, and there are several pet-friendly accommodations that ensure a memorable and inclusive experience for both you and your four-legged companion. From charming boutique hotels to seaside villas, many establishments understand the importance of catering to pet owners. These accommodations typically offer spacious rooms with designated pet-friendly areas, ensuring your furry friend feels right at home. Some hotels even provide pet amenities such as beds, bowls, and treats, making your stay convenient and enjoyable. Additionally, Lefkada’s pet-friendly beaches and parks allow for delightful walks and playtime, creating a perfect getaway for both you and your beloved pet. Always check with the specific accommodation regarding their pet policy, as requirements may vary, ensuring a worry-free and delightful stay on this picturesque Greek island. Here are some of the pet friendly accommodation that may suit you!  

Traveling on vacation with your Beloved Pets!

Traveling on vacation with your Beloved Pets!

What about restaurants and cafeterias?

There is a variety of pet-friendly restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy delightful meals without leaving your furry companions behind. Many establishments feature outdoor seating areas with a welcoming atmosphere for pets. Imagine savoring authentic Greek cuisine or enjoying a cup of coffee while your pet lounges comfortably beside you.    

How can I bring my pet?

Traveling with pets requires careful planning and adherence to specific rules and regulations set by transportation authorities and service providers. Keep in mind that these rules may vary depending on the country, mode of transportation, and the specific airline, train, bus, or Ship Company. Here are some general guidelines, but it’s crucial to check with the specific transportation service for their individual requirements:    


  1. Check Airline Policies:
    • Each airline has its own rules regarding pet travel. Some allow pets in the cabin, while others may require them to be transported in the cargo hold.
    • Check the specific size and weight restrictions for in-cabin pets.
  2. Pet Carrier:
    • Use an airline-approved pet carrier that meets the size and ventilation requirements.
    • Label the carrier with your contact information.
  3. Health Documentation:
    • Obtain a health certificate from your veterinarian issued within a specific timeframe before travel.
    • Ensure that vaccinations are up-to-date, and carry relevant medical records.
  4. Booking:
    • Inform the airline in advance about your intention to travel with a pet.
    • Book early, as many airlines have limits on the number of pets allowed per flight.
    • Traveling on vacation with your Beloved Pets!

      Traveling on vacation with your Beloved Pets!


  1. Check Train Operator Policies:
    • Confirm with the train company about their pet travel policies.
    • Some trains allow small pets in carriers, while others may have specific pet cars or areas.
  2. Pet Carrier:
    • Use an appropriate pet carrier or container.
    • Ensure the carrier is well-ventilated and secure.
  3. Booking:
    • Reserve a space for your pet in advance if required.


  1. Check Bus Company Policies:
    • Confirm the rules and regulations of the bus company regarding pet travel.
    • Some buses allow small pets in carriers; others may have specific rules for larger animals.
  2. Pet Carrier:
    • Use a secure and well-ventilated carrier.
    • Follow any size or weight restrictions specified by the bus company.
  3. Booking:
    • Make a reservation for your pet if required.


  1. Check Shipping Company Policies:
    • Verify the pet travel policies of the shipping company.
    • Some ships have kennel facilities, while others may require pets to be in carriers.
  2. Pet Carrier:
    • Use a sturdy and well-ventilated carrier.
    • Follow any size or weight restrictions specified by the shipping company.
  3. Booking:
    • Inform the shipping company in advance and make necessary reservations for your pet.
    • Traveling on vacation with your Beloved Pets!


Taking rabbits and other small animals on holiday

  • Transport them together – if you do have to transport your rabbits or other small animals, move them with their familiar companion(s) to help reduce stress and avoid possible problems with re-introductions.
  • Transport small animals like hamsters in their home cage. If this is not possible, transfer them into a smaller, secure pet carrier.
  • Move some used, unsoiled nesting material into the travel carrier and new home – this will smell familiar to your pets and can be reassuring.
  • Food and drink – make sure that rabbits and small animals have constant access to food and water while they’re on the move.
  • Keep them away from dogs and cats – make sure that they’re kept well away from dogs and cats so that they don’t get scared.
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