Lefkada Micro Farm is an organic farm, open to visitors. See, smell and touch the Greek nature. Taste sustainable gastronomy. Get inspired and connect with your roots. They grow real food using old seeds and traditional techniques. Product tasting, cooking workshops, private gastronomy experiences.

Choose any  of the experiences, that suits you best:

Guided walks with product tasting

On the guided walks you get closer to Greek nature and farm life. You will have the opportunity, depending on the season, to harvest and taste vegetables and fruits. To know more about the cultivation techniques they use to produce healthy, organic food. After the guided walk, you get to taste 3 different qualities (mass commercial, local original and superior) of Olive oil and Honey and discover the differences. This  will make you more aware when choosing products from your local grocery store or the super market.

  • Maximum group size: 15
  • Start time: Flexible
  • Duration: 1,5hrs
  • Availability: upon arrangement
  • Cost per person: 25,00€ (VAT inclusive)

Experiential workshops:

Spend your day in the Micro Farm and learn how to cook simple, tasty, healthy and authentic Greek recipes, in their open air kitchen, right next to where the vegetables grow!

  • Bread making and traditional Greek recipes workshop

Knead and bake your own bread. Harvest organic vegetables from the garden and prepare, with the help and guidance from the experts. Prepare briam (mixed vegetables), greek salad and tzatziki for  the “farm to fork” meal of your life.


  • Traditional “Phyllo” pies workshop

“Phyllo” in Greek called the thin, crispy dough used to make traditional pies. You will “open” it with the experts, harvest vegetables from the garden and make 4 different fillings for 4 different recipes.

  • Maximum group size: 8
  • Start time: 10:00
  • Duration: 4hrs
  • Availability: upon arrangement
  • Cost per person: 80,00€ (VAT inclusive)

Private gastronomy experiences

  • “Giagias” feast private experience


“Giagia” in Greek language means Grandmother. Just once a week our grandmother graces us with her cooking in the farm’s open air kitchen as she would have for a Greek family celebration. The origins of her recipes are lost in time. Of course, all vegetables and ingredients are of the highest quality. Experience the authentic.


  • 7 course “farm to fork” private experience


The philosophy behind this menu is to give you the opportunity to taste recipes made with vegetables of the highest quality that are not easily found in super markets nor grocery stores. From each signature vegetable in our garden, a different starter or salad is created. For our main course all the signature vegetables are blended into a balanced main dish. Our Greek Gastronomy menu is paired with selected bottled wine from a local vineyard.

  • Maximum group size: 8
  • Start time: 14:00 or 18:00
  • Duration: 3hrs
  • Availability: upon arrangement
  • Cost per group: 600,00€ – 800€ (VAT inclusive)

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the Lefkada-Rentals.com team today to book your truffle hunting adventure !