Sfakiotes seven mountain villages

The area of Sfakiotes consists of seven mountainous villages Spanochori, Asprogeracata, Kavalos, Pinakoxori, Lazarata, Drimonas and Exanthia. Sfakiotes is centrally and northwest of Lefkada island. Surrounded by lush vegetation and beautiful stone houses. According to the history, the name of Sfakiotes comes from a colony of people, who settled here from the village Sfakia in Crete in 16th or 17th centuries.

Sfakiotes a destination with hidden paths
Sfakiotes, Lefkada



Sfakiotes a destination with hidden paths
windmills Sfakiotes

View points

The view is amazing looking above the town of Lefkada but from another point of view, whole Ionio archipelagos with its beauties. The stone hugs the green, olive groves, vineyards, successive hills, beautiful gardens and different kind of feelings every time the season changes. Traditional villages with architectural character, wells, water sources, water mildew, windmills, unreachable paths and at last beautiful churches with stunning bell towers. The villages Drimonas and Exanthia lie on the western side of the island. These areas have less vegetation but the view also from there is breathtaking as the sunset diving in the infinite blue.

Sfakiotes a destination with hidden paths
gorge of Melissa

Melissa’s gorge

Here we must talk about a special place! It’s fantastic how nature makes some places so beautiful! Melissa’s gorge is located between the areas Kavallos to the first houses in Lefkada, Apolpaina. Stretch in a distant area 2,2 kilometer at about 45 minutes time trekking.

So now it begins the journey! I propose to allow your mind and take a deep breath of fresh air. Nature real magic, leaf golden-yellow everywhere fallen from the nearby plane trees, lush vegetation and in the middle of the spring with clear cold water comes from the mountain. Right next to the source, a small kiosk so you can stay there and relax. Be quiet and you will almost hear the sounds of nature, the running water from the stream, the tree leaf sounds from trees and bird feasts. The route unresolved and rich you can follow the two different paths through wooden bridges, stairs and kiosks. In both ways, images full of experiences and in no case you will get bored!

Furthermore, flora here consists of plantain, wildflowers, wings, pine trees, cypress, laurels, foxes, coumarin, wild roses, willow and much more. Many animals have found shelter and live here such as hawks, buckwheat, ferrets, hedgehogs, beetles, foxes, aces, grouse, chestnuts, beekeepers, turtles and a lot more.

Sfakiotes a destination with hidden paths
Kontomichio folklore museum


Moreover, people of Sfakiotes organize various events to attract travelers in the area. Photography exhibitions, dancing events, theatrical performances, events about the traditions of our places, wine festival! Also, in village Kavalos you can visit the ”Kontomichio folklore museum”. There you can find about 2500 different traditional tools and related items, used by our ancestors and many old traditional costumes.

The distance from Lefkada town is about 15 minutes by car, so it’s easy to find accommodation in a beautiful villa or apartment in the area. To combine nature, gorgeous landscapes quiet and relaxation, its time to decide to visit the place!

Sfakiotes a destination with hidden paths
sunset Lefkada