Weddings in Lefkada
Let’s just say for a minute that you are in this stage in your life, where you decided to say yes and take the courageous step into marriage. How do you imagine the ideal place for your wedding? Looking for where to be wed?
Porto Katsiki beach
A wonderful beach with crystal turquoise waters Huge dramatic white rocks at their end meeting with the beautiful small pebble beach, ending in the wonderful turquoise waters... This is the popular beach of Porto Katsiki! A natural piece of art that will always thrill its visitor, no matter the number of times visiting.
Things to do in quarantine
2020 has been a weird year, right? People are staying home,practising social distancing in an effort to stop the spread of this new virus. Coping with this new reality can be nerve-racking but I have always been of the opinion that we must face any challenge lifes brings, positively! For that reason, below you will find some...
Kathisma beach
Vibrant Kathisma beach One of the most famous beaches of Lefkada is the cosmopolitan Kathisma beach. This beach is very popular amongst visitors and it is also the most organized beach on the island. It is located on the breathtaking western side of the island with impressive coastline. Vibrant and lively beach is a great choice for young people and...
Motorbikes Greece
Motorbikes!The real passion!  The motorbikes are the real passion for many people all over the world! Ride your favourite motorbike and come to explore the fantastic Greek nature!                                             Stay safe on your motorbike seat    Of course you have to be safe....