Love travelling?  Then, you are most likely to end up in a country that you do not speak the local language. Below you will find some useful tips to help with your visit abroad. 1.Learn essential words Learn at least 10-15 essential words in the local language such as, "Hello", "Thank you", "yes", "no", "Do you speak..?", "please", "stop", "help", etc. 2.Use...
Greek coffee by the sea!
Greeks and Coffee Greece ranks from 15th to 17th place worldwide the last years in the consumption of coffee. Therefore, as you understand, coffee is a big deal for Greek people and a vital part of their lifestyle. For Greeks the process of making a coffee and afterwards drinking one, it is like a ritual. Greeks like to take their time...
Lefkada Weddings
The day you were waiting has come. It's time to create your dream wedding and you have decided with your loved one to organise it abroad. You want only the perfect setting and you will not settle for less. Rather than going to your local church you want an exotic destination to exchange your vows. Crystal clear waters, endless blue...
Porto Katsiki
10 things you cannot miss while being in Lefkada It is not on us to tell you what to do while you are visiting Lefkada, but there are some things you must do while staying in this paradise island. What caracterizes an island in Greece? The beaches, the picturesque villages, the scenic roads by the sea, the traditional delicacies, the graphic...


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