Let’s just say for a minute that you are in this stage in your life, where you decided to say yes and take the courageous step into marriage. How do you imagine the ideal place for your wedding? Looking for where to be wed?
  Lefkada Island is well known for the ineffaceable natural beauty and extraordinary beaches that become etched in our minds forever. However Lefkada is an island with rich history and is also called the Island of poets. This is due to having bred indissoluble poets and...
A culinary experience in Lefkada1
For all of you that are serching for unique tastes and flavours in Lefkada, the food path chefs are here. What is food path chefs? A group of chefs ready to travel anywhere to satisfy all your culinary needs! For any event or occasion, on a sailing boat,  in a villa  or anywhere else, the food path chefs can...
Bad and good luck, superstitions, jinx and charms for Greeks and Lefkadians When you visit Lefkada you are bewildered by the natural beauty of the island. However, the true asset of the island is the hospitality of the welcoming locals. These locals were raised by mothers, fathers and grandparents with...


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